Web applications

Web services developed by our team solve real life problems. Deep business analysis followed by the use of a bleeding edge technology allows us to deliver best applications on time. With us you will get an awesome, scalable solution that answers your business needs. You provide the concept of your application, we take care of everything else:

Design of the application
  • UI/UX design with mockups is an important step, as it is the first step to materialize your vision
  • Software architecture designed to solve you business problem
Plan of works
  • We choose the best technologies for the problem. We know newest solutions and always pick proper technologies for the business problem, not the other way round.
  • Create backlog of tasks, plan iterations and deliver the application in Agile way
Full support and maintenance
  • You can rest easy - we take care of monitoring and stability of the application
  • Our team will answer your support requests

Mobile applications

The focus area in our mobile applications is their performance. Keeping track of the newest trends and updates to iOS and Android development, we deliver fast, intuitive apps.

Currently, almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. We want to design beautiful applications, that are intuitive and fun to use. That is our main driver when working on mobile apps. We take full responsibility for the whole development.

Create design of your application
  • UI/UX dedicated for each chosen platform
  • Choice of the correct technology. Either we have very high performance expectations and go with native development (Kotlin, Swift) or we want to have a very good cross-platform solution, delivered twice as fast, that works on both Android and iOS (Flutter)
Prepare for development
  • We choose best technologies for the problem. We know newest solutions and always pick proper technologies for the business problem, not the other way round.
  • We create backlog of tasks, plan iterations and constantly deliver new functionalities to your application
Integrate and submit your application to App Store and Google Play
  • We integrate your application with necessary third party software
  • If needed, we will take care of submitting your application to App Store and Google Play

Data science

Many people say that data is more valuable than money. Those with big data can predict the future, simulate other people's behaviours, or automate some processes and simply make life easier.

However, the real power lies in understanding the data. Despite having it, you need to be able to analyze, interpret and draw appropriate conclusions. And here comes our company with powerful algorithms to do all those things. Our experience made us become experts in the field of data processing.

Data collection
  • Data can be gathered from a variety of sources. We will help you define, collect and prepare data for further processing.
Processing and EDA (exploratory data analysis)
  • We have processed terabytes of data. Your data will be cleansed, validated and normalised to make sure you can trust it.
  • Exploratory data analysis is a process that lets us and our partners understand the trend, general behavior and character of data. To get the full idea of it we use visualizations.
Analysis and production
  • We also provide our partners with powerful machine learning algorithms to create models and artificial neural networks.
  • Finally, we create applications for our clients using AI that take input and generate output. This is the final step of our process and the complex service that our company delivers.

Business Analysis

We have a broad expertise in software development. The most important moment in software designing process is a deep understanding of the business problem. We will discuss possible solutions to your problem, prepare strategy of development, design architecture and end up with a ready backlog of tasks. Tell us about your problems and we will prepare for you a roadmap to solve them. We will:

Discuss and deeply understand the problem
  • We do Event Storming or Design Thinking workshops to visualise whole concept
  • We will try to understand your business as deep as possible, as well as the problems you need to solve
Propose the architecture
  • We define architectural drivers and KPIs that will be defining next phases of the project
  • We are pragmatic and want to solve problems as simply as possible, using best tools. We precisely propose technologies that will be optimal to use in your case
Prepare the backlog and documentation
  • Knowing what needs to be done and which technologies should be used, we prepare for you a complete list of tasks that need to be done
  • All the knowledge that we will have gathered together will be prepared in a nice form, that will allow developers to quickly understand the whole business context of the problem, to be able to quickly move to the implementation