Web & Mobile applications

Web services developed by our team solve real life problems. Deep business analysis followed by the use of bleeding edge technology allows us to deliver best applications on time. With us you will get an awesome, scalable solution that answers your business needs. You provide the concept of your application, we take care of everything else.

The focus area in our mobile applications is their performance. Keeping track of the newest trends and updates to iOS and Android development, we deliver fast, intuitive apps.

Design of the application
  • UI/UX design with mockups is an important step, as it is the first step to materialize your vision
  • Software architecture designed to solve your business problem
Plan of works
  • We choose the best technologies for the problem. We know the newest solutions and always pick proper technologies for the business problem, not the other way round
  • Create backlog of tasks, plan iterations and deliver the application in Agile way
Full support and maintenance
  • You can rest easily - we take care of monitoring and stability of the application
  • Our team will answer your support requests
Create design of your application
  • UI/UX dedicated for each chosen platform
  • Choice of the correct technology. Either we have very high-performance expectations and go with native development (Kotlin, Swift) or we want to have a very good cross-platform solution, delivered twice as fast, that works on both Android and iOS (Flutter)
Integrate and submit your application to App Store and Google Play
  • We integrate your application with necessary third-party software
  • If needed, we will take care of submitting your application to App Store and Google Play


Blockchain - is a shared, immutable registry that helps you document transactions, track assets, and build trust. Trust to your data, to your system and from your users. One of the most innovative concepts operating on a global scale.

Our developers have broad experience in blockchain technologies.

With us you can
  • Integrate blockchain into your system
  • Create your own token
  • Build application based on blockchain technology (using data stored on the blockchain)
  • Create NFT collection
  • Use blockchain to authenticate your users

Medical Solutions

IT is undoubtedly a field of science that has taken the lead in the last 20 years. And what will happen if we combine the IT industry with medical technologies?

Many projects will be created that will have a real impact on people and the world around us.
We are here to help.

The willingness to help is a guarantee of success, which is why we have decided to develop in the following areas
  • Development of telemedicine and development of remote patient care
  • Innovative systems
Safety and health
  • Projects aimed at patients suffering from respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD - chronic obstructive
    pulmonary disease)
  • Suicidal Risk Prediction System
  • An innovative graph-based artificial intelligence system dedicated for medical records

Data Analysis

Many people say that data is more valuable than money. Those with big data can predict the future, simulate other people's behaviours, or automate some processes and simply make life easier.

However, the real power lies in understanding the data. Despite having it, you need to be able to analyze, interpret and draw appropriate conclusions. And here comes our company with powerful algorithms to do all those things. Our experience made us become experts in the field of data processing.

Data collection
  • Data can be gathered from a variety of sources. We will help you define, collect and prepare data for further processing
Processing and EDA (exploratory data analysis)
  • We have processed terabytes of data. Your data will be cleansed, validated and normalized to make sure you can trust it
  • Exploratory data analysis is a process that lets us and our partners understand the trend, general behavior and character of data. To get the full idea of it we use visualizations
Analysis and production
  • We also provide our partners with powerful machine learning algorithms to create models and artificial neural networks
  • Finally, we create applications for our clients using AI that take input and generate output. This is the final step of our process and the complex service that our company delivers