Healthcare Blockchain

Web3 is the latest approach in internet technologies that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain to enable intuitive, cognitive interpersonal communication to improve healthcare.


Healthcare Blockchain services

Tokenization of your business using custom made coins
Blockchain development – smart contracts to ensure authenticity and immutability of transactions
Non-fungible token (NFT) collection development and integration into your systems

Decentralization, openness, semantic interpretation of context and blockchain are the main characteristics of Web3. By asking a question, the user receives the most accurate and most appropriate answer to the question. The network offers the freedom to interact publicly and privately without an intermediary introducing risk, causing the data to be known as trustless. In addition, anyone, both the user and the content provider, can get involved in the process without obtaining approval from controlling organizations.

Web3 is based on edge computing where applications and data are processed on the edge of the network on devices such as mobile phones, laptops, devices, sensors and even smart cars. Elements of the Internet of Things technology are also becoming suppliers of content and data used by autonomous systems.

The concept of Web3 is to make internet searches much faster, easier and more efficient to process even complex search tasks in a short time. Thanks to blockchain technology, user data is protected and encrypted.

Blockchain is a technology used to transfer and store information about Internet transactions, in practice it is a digital ledger of transactions This information is arranged in the form of consecutive data blocks. One block contains information about a specified number of transactions, then, after filling it, another block of data is created, depending on the previous one, and so on. Blockchain allows anyone to “hold” the entire database of the system, thereby creating a distributed and decentralized registry. Thanks to this solution, it is impossible to modify data, delete or add false information.

Currently, blockchain technology is used to handle financial and commercial transactions, for example in the area of the electricity market.

With us you can

Create your own NFT collection with the ERC-721 standard and integrate into your business.

Use the power of an immutable transaction record in your business to increase trust and add more value.

Create your own token to enhance engagement with your users. A custom token with the ERC-20 standard deployed on the Ethereum network brings value and trust.


Our experience

  • Design and development of NFT collections using ERC-721 smart contracts
  • Development of a microservice system using a blockchain as an immutable record of transactions
  • Creation of ERC-20 smart contracts for custom token and optimization of usage costs