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How it started


We are a Polish company, proud of our roots. When starting up, we wanted to accent that our company originates here, so we thought about a snowdrop, a flower popular in southern Poland, especially in early spring. The Latin name for snowdrop is Galanthus Nivalis, so the name “Nivalit” came to our minds. Snowdrops are the harbingers of spring after winter, they are pioneers of their kind. They can grow in cold, hard conditions, and always grow in groups. Snowdrops are versatile as they are not only bringing optimism with their appearance, but are also used to produce a medicine to treat Alzheimer’s disease.




Konrad Komnata


Co-founder and President of Nivalit Sp. z o.o. His responsibility is to shape the vision and develop technology of Nivalit. Konrad is experienced software development manager and architect with more than 10 years of experience. He is responsible for contacts with our customers and partners and assuring innovation and quality of our products.

He designed and built advanced systems based on Blockchain and Hybrid Intelligence. Innovator – author and co-author of 16 technological patents and multiple scientific papers related to Artificial Intelligence. Working on PhD in innovative Graph-based Artificial Intelligence at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.


Wojciech Komnata, PhD Eng.


Co-founder and Vice President of Nivalit Sp. z o.o., responsible in the company for sales. Manager and creator of IT solutions with over 30 years of experience in the IT solutions market. He is a graduate of computer science at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, where in 1998 he obtained a PhD in technical sciences in the discipline of computer science. Author and co-author of many scored scientific publications and 4 books in the field of computer science.

He started in the early 1990s as a participant in innovative projects on the market of healthcare solutions financed by PHARE, during this period he led a working group financed by the US AID. He was a board member of the Public Health Foundation in Krakow, he was also a board member of a leading IT company in Kraków. For over 18 years, he led a 40-person, interdisciplinary, dispersed team at a leading ITC solution distributor.


Jakub Komnata


Co-founder and Vice President of Nivalit Sp. z o.o., excels as a Chief Data Scientist with a focus on AI modelling and healthcare IT systems development. With a background in computer science specializing in AI from AGH University of Science and Technology, he combines academic knowledge with over four years of industry experience. At Nivalit, he leads operations and business growth, leveraging his expertise in data analysis, AI, and cloud infrastructure. He also imparts his knowledge as an academic tutor in Machine Learning at AGH. Known for his ability to synergize technology and teamwork, Jakub is a key figure in driving innovation in AI and healthcare.

Our Expertise



Backend technologies are heart and brain of every modern system. Right selection of technologies and having expertise in using them is necessary. Our team works with multiple languages, databases, authorization services, monitoring tools and many more to create secure, stable and scalable systems.


User Experience is always guided by user needs. You can't put your opinion above the results of your research. We believe that the basic principle is that the design of the site must be consistent and fit well with the UX design.


Cloud makes systems available to all users, scalable and stable. Knowledge what tools to use and which cloud is crucial to assure business readiness of a software and optimize costs. We are partnering with AWS and Azure to deliver best solutions with best cloud environments.


Usage of Artificial Intelligence helps to increase revenue of a company that can leverage it. Nowadays every company gathers tons of data. Our AI team analyzes it and shapes into custom built predictive model to get businesses to next level.


Everything can be now connected to the internet. Thanks knowledge and passion of our IoT team, we are building new devices for Medical and Industry 5.0 purposes. Engineers design PCB boards and write embedded software to connect physical world and the digital one.

Our values

When the idea for Nivalit company was born, we decided that without common, unifying values, the undertaken actions will have no chance of succeeding. In our opinion, those standards of operation connect the team with its actions. These values strengthen us in the consistent pursuit of the goal. They constitute the basis for the joint growth of our teams. We believe that modern people want to stop for a while, reflect and build great things on similar ideas, having a common direction.
Values are the synonym of our company culture. They bring the team together and inform our clients about who we are. They are our guarantee, and at the same time an invitation to partner up with us because we are transparent, insightful, and we care for our clients' business as if it was our own. We are an integrated and versatile team open to the latest IT technologies. These standards guide our work with our clients and our employees. Our principles give us a sense of team unity. With them in mind – we pursue our goals.


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