AI/HI Solutions

Hybrid Intelligence is the cooperation of human and machine intelligence, which by expanding the potential of the human intellect, allows to achieve goals unattainable for people or machines alone.


AI/HI Solutions services

Development of custom systems combining Artificial and Human Intelligence
Predictive analytics using modern AI techniques enhanced with human insight
Advanced solutions covering web and mobile development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have become one of the most advanced tools supporting humans in the decision-making process. This is done by scaling the computing or comparative capabilities of the system. Unfortunately, it is still available to a relatively small group of specialists.

Let us go beyond the current paradigm assuming that machines (artificial intelligence) replace humans and humans become redundant in a given process, because they may make a mistake that the machine will never make.

The optimal system is based on cooperation, in which everyone adds their strongest properties. Artificial intelligence means unquestionable speed, repeatability, constant availability, reliability. The human being brings creativity with empathy, intuition, and questioning the obvious. Man also offers arbitrariness and asks questions about meaning or future not always his own.

Hybrid Intelligence can go beyond the limitations of both human and machine.
We create solutions for the future by developing systems that operate as mixed teams. With humans and machines working together, for one purpose, sharing the potential of artificial intelligence to strengthen instead of replacing human intelligence.

The above view of HI is critical to understanding of artificial or augmented intelligence with one overriding goal as an enabler of human intellect.

Hybrid Intelligence in its paradigm brings together the best of humans and machines.

With us you can

Bring your business to the next level with a unique combination of AI and your expertise.

Create a new Hybrid Intelligence system for your organization that enhances subject matter experts’ knowledge and experience with the power of AI.

Integrate Hybrid Intelligence into your existing systems to leverage the power of AI and Human Intelligence.


Our experience

  • Vivelio – a system created with top specialists from psychiatry, psychology, psychometry and neurobiology uses AI to predict the deterioration of mental condition of patients. It builds on the human intelligence of doctors to support clinical decision-making.
  • Exfluency – a system which combines Artificial Intelligence for automated translation of documents, anonymization of the document and finds the best person to enhance it. Human Intelligence improves everything done by AI to provide outstanding translations.