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The innovative questionnaire platform based on Graph Al technology. The multivectoral assessment enables not only analysis of answers but also non-verbal signals: body behavior and reaction and validity of answers. The system is intended as scientific research tool, especially in fields of psychology, sociology or medical studies.

Graph AI

GraphAI is an innovative approach to artificial intelligence that combines data storage with data analysis. With scientifically tested graph inference methods, GraphAI can make predictions from incomplete data with astonishing efficiency and accuracy.


The Exfluency™ Platform combines many complex and innovative technologies and capabilities behind an easy-to-use web-based tool. This is more than just translation software, it is a revolutionary platform that creates synergies between blockchain, artificial intelligence and human intelligence, developed by experts from Nivalit.


To make sure that every solution we deliver is the best possible, we make intelligent use of our technologies. With these technologies, we can create tailor-made, stable and scalable solutions that solve our partners' problems.

We are pragmatic and realistic. We know the newest solutions but always choose the technologies matching your business problem best. During project planning we get to know your business needs. Then we select technologies that solve your current problem best.


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Data Analysis

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