Our Values

When the idea for Nivalit company was born, we decided that without common, unifying values, the undertaken actions will have no chance of succeeding. In our opinion, those standards of operation connect the team with its actions. These values strengthen us in the consistent pursuit of the goal. They constitute the basis for the joint growth of our teams. We believe that modern people want to stop for a while, reflect and build great things on similar ideas, having a common direction.

Values are the synonym of our company culture. They bring the team together and inform our clients about who we are. They are our guarantee, and at the same time an invitation to partner up with us because we are transparent, insightful, and we care for our clients' business as if it was our own. We are an integrated and versatile team open to the latest IT technologies. We follow these values in our daily activities. These standards guide our work with our clients and our employees. Our principles give us a sense of team unity and constitute our competitive advantage. With these values in mind – we pursue our goals.

  • Versatility

  • Integrity

  • Care

  • Insightfulness

  • Transparence

We keep on broadening our horizons in our specializations

We value different solutions and approaches

Truth and honesty are our most important values

We value our standards and respect them

We care about each other

We care about your business

We care about software

We go deep into problems, to know them well before solving them

Every new problem is an opportunity for you and for us

We are meritocratic in solving each problem

All of our processes are transparent

We share our knowledge and expertise

We look forward to your feedback and will provide feedback when requested