World premiere of Vivelio at HR Challenge 2023

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After two years of work, the moment has come to introduce our new tool – Vivelio. It is the first platform on the market that enables the analysis of behavioral data, so it provides information not only about the outcome of the survey, but also about how the respondent behaved during the survey. According to experts, this is a breakthrough in psychometric research.   

Vivelio is a very versatile tool that can be used, for example, in scientific research, in the work of marketing specialists and among those in the HR industry. And it was among representatives of the latter speciality that the tool’s premiere took place, at IV HR Challenge Poland 2023 Forum. 

HR Challenge Forum 2023 

Forum participants were able to hear about Vivelio during a speech by Maciej Wszółkowski, who presented the benefits of using the tool in the daily work of HR teams. There was also an opportunity to test the system in person at our stand, as well as to talk to someone from the large delegation of the company that attended the conference. 

The conversations held confirmed our belief that Vivelio will find application in many aspects of the daily work of the HR industry. More about our new solution can be found at vivelio.eu