Third anniversary of the company: Summary of past realizations

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On Thursday (November 9) our company held its annual team meeting. This important event was a time to reflect on our past projects and achievements, which are due to the great commitment and effort of our irreplaceable employees. The meeting was an opportunity to look again at our completed project and also future plans. The company’s third anniversary is a time for huge summaries and appreciation of the contribution of each team member to the successes achieved.

Third anniversary of the company - Nivalit

Summary of last year’s projects

As part of the summary, we presented ongoing projects within our team, including:

  • DASH – an innovative platform dedicated to managing educational and sports facilities.
  • Mentalio – a project that represents a significant leap forward in the field of psychiatric care for children and adolescents. A diagnostic and therapeutic system that brings new perspectives and possibilities for supporting the mental health treatment of the youngest.
  • Vivelio platform, based on Graph AI technology, which enables behavioral analysis and checks of the decision paths of the subjects.
  • GraphAI project – an innovative approach to artificial intelligence that combines data storage with analysis.
  • Unvivo – a medical tool that allows continuous monitoring of a patient’s condition, assessment of the effectiveness of therapy, and immediate notification of sudden changes.

Cybersecurity training

Following this, the team shifted focus to cybersecurity training. In a time when data is invaluable, refreshing the principles of personal data protection following RODO requirements was crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of the company and our clients.

Cybersecurity training

Team building and future plans

To conclude this day, we gathered around a common table. It wasn’t just a time for casual conversations, but also an opportunity to build relationships and strengthen bonds among us. This strong bond within the team is what allows us to achieve these successes together. Nivalit isn’t just a company; it’s a community of people determined to change the world through innovation and advanced technologies.