Royal Society of Medicine event in London

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Presence at International Conferences is very important to us. Especially when we have the opportunity to be part of such significant cooperation as building a bridge between Polish and British companies with the support of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

Participation in the Royal Society of Medicine Event

Our CEO, Konrad Komnata, took part in the Royal Society of Medicine event in London on September 29, representing our company Nivalit internationally.

Royal Society of Medicine event in London

Konrad gave a presentation on the Polish MedTech environment and our main innovative projects in the healthcare area. Meeting participants could learn, among others:

  • Mentalio project, an innovative system of support​ diagnostic and therapeutic support in child and adolescent psychiatric care.​

  • UNVIVO System – personalized and data-driven therapy support for chronic respiratory diseases. Compliance control and evaluation of therapy effectiveness based on regular monitoring of respiratory parameters.

  • GraphAI – the specialized Artificial Intelligence method based on graph transformations and association networks

  • Vivelio – the first tool for creating surveys in Poland that allow for behavioral observation.

The Polish-British future of healthcare event

The event was attended by experts in the fields of MedTech, BioTech, and ScientificResearch (Genomtec S.A., WPD Pharmaceuticals Inc., BIOTON S.A., FiLeClo, Cellivia, SyVento sp. z o.o., Ardigen, Consonance, Polpharma Biologics), and heads of Poland’s largest biotech industry organizations: Magdalena Kulczycka,Ph.D. of Central European BioForum and Marta Winiarska of BioInMed. And also representatives from the Polish Embassy in London, officials, and investors from the UK.

The Polish-British Future of Healthcare Event is a convergence of visionary minds, pioneering companies, and leading experts in the fields of MedTech, BioTech, and scientific research.
Organized by the Polish Embassy in London, the Polish Trade and Investment Agency, and the Medical Research Agency, this event is set to explore how we can best tackle the many challenges of the future.

Common goals

The primary aim is to foster collaboration between Polish and British scientific communities, clinical researchers, and MedTech and BioTech businesses. This synergy between the nations seeks to drive advancements in healthcare, accelerate medical research, and stimulate economic growth through innovation.

Participation in global conferences reflects our commitment to promoting healthcare innovation on a global scale.