Nivalit on the IOT Congress in Barcelona

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Nivalit among the leaders pioneering their industries!

From 31 January to 2 February, our delegation from the company attended the IOT Solutions World Congress event in Barcelona.


The IOT Congress is , “the world’s largest meeting place for business and technology executives who want to use technology to achieve innovative, disruptive and game-changing results”.


That’s the view of the event’s organizers and one can’t help but agree with them. Six huge halls where the world’s largest technology firms had their stands, more than 300 exhibitors from a total of 76 countries, a dozen conference rooms where panel discussions took place throughout the day, tens of thousands of participants – that was the Congress in a nutshell.

The fact that we fit into the group of companies whose technologies are groundbreaking is already evidenced by the fact that our presence in Barcelona was the result of a successful recruitment process. It was organized as part of the Malopolska Open Eyes Economy Hub project, an initiative bringing together small and medium-sized technology companies from Malopolska.


We return from the Congress with a great experience and with the awareness that our solutions are interesting even for the largest companies in the world.

IOT Congress

The versatility of our company has allowed us to establish contacts with companies of completely different characteristics – technological, international service providers, as well as those operating in the field of healthcare. Many of the meetings continued after our return to Poland.

The effects of the Congress are a great motivation for us to show ourselves to the world even more widely and to speak more loudly about our solutions.

You can find more information about the event at: https://www.iotsworldcongress.com/