Mentalio’s presentation as part of w LSOS’23

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In the last day of November, we had the honor of participating in this year’s edition of the Life Sciences Open Space ’23 (LSOS’23). This remarkable event not only fosters integration within the life sciences community but also serves as a platform for presenting innovative solutions, exchanging knowledge, and building valuable relationships.

As part of this year’s edition, Wojciech Komnata delivered a fascinating presentation on the integration of Artificial Intelligence in psychiatry and took part in a panel discussion on personalized treatment plans. The Mentalio project he presented holds revolutionary significance for psychiatric care for children and adolescents.

Building relationships – Nivalit’s participation in industry events

Participating in such meetings is not only an opportunity for us to present our project, but also a chance to establish contacts with representatives of various environments. It serves as a unique opportunity to cultivate connections with individuals representing diverse environments who share a common goal — the enhancement of the quality of life for people worldwide. Our participation becomes more than a showcase; it transforms into a collaborative effort, a convergence of minds dedicated to collective betterment. Building relationships with professionals from various fields opens up avenues for interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering a holistic approach to addressing global challenges.

During this year’s event, we were accompanied by Michał Skorupski, CEO of Bloomvise Group, with whom we have the pleasure of collaborating on internal projects.

The value of direct interactions – LSOS’23

While the virtual world offers many advantages, the return to reality and face-to-face interactions holds immeasurable value. We encourage you to actively participate in future industry events, ask questions during lectures, and engage in fascinating discussions. Both Konrad Komnata and Dr. Wojciech Komnata are ready to share their experiences and answer your questions.

We believe that has provided us with a wealth of inspiration and opened new perspectives. We eagerly await future events that will unite our visions for the future.